Friday, October 14, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Uathach

Uathach was one of the lovers of the great Ulster hero Cuchulainn, and, according to Irish mythology, the daughter of the female warrior Scathach, who had been Cuchulainn's tutor in the martial arts. When Uathach served the hero food, he forgot his own strength and accidentally broke her finger while taking a dish from her hand. Her scream brought her previous lover to Uathach's immediate aid, but Cuchulainn easily slew him in the fight that followed and afterwards Uathach transferred her affection to the victor.

Women eh? Always going for the bad boy! I think this is another great Celtic tale and I love the way Cuchulainn easily slays Uathach's lover as he tries to be the hero! How can you not like this guy?!


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