Thursday, October 13, 2005


Irish Blog awards? Why not?

It seems that the idea of awards for Irish bloggers has been ripping through the Irish blogosphere quicker than one of those shite meme things. It is apparently the brainchild of Damien Mulley who posted about it here. (I think the Freedom Institute did one before but they don't count). All in all I think this is a good idea as I have written before that it would be good to see the Irish blogosphere come together since it seems to be split into various little factions.
These categories have been suggested:

- Best Blogger
- Best Blog Post
- Best New Blogger
- Best Contribution to the Boggersphere (Tech wise)
- Best Potential Blogger i.e. Someone we'd like to see blogging

- Best Photo Blog
- Best Fictional Piece in a Blog
- Best Art Blog
- Best Political Blog
- Best Group Blog
- Best Comment/Commenter
- Best Personal Blog

Sounds good. But I've a few questions. Who are the judges? Will it be based on a voting system like that You're A Star programme? Will I win anything?

Since people have been encouraged to think of other categories I would suggest:

- Funniest blog
- Funniest post
- Most controversial post
- Most controversial blogger
- Best mainstream post (ie one which transcended the blogosphere or 'boggersphere')
- Best looking blog (I'm a shoe-in here. Not.)

If you can think of other categories, feel free to post some of them up.

And most importantly may the best blogs win.*

*(By the way Damien Mulley, I think your blog is great and your idea is genious. Just saying...)


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