Friday, October 14, 2005


FIFA shortlist farce

I really hate seeing the shortlists for the World Player of the Year awards. The reason I hate them is because they show football's governing body FIFA to be nothing more than a bunch of inept, incompetent, suit-wearing, shit-for-brain charlatans!

What makes me say that I hear you ask?

Well they've only gone and put David Beckham, yes that's right DAVID BECKHAM, on the shortlist for FIFA's
World Player of the Year! David Beckham? David Beckham?!

What on earth are these guys smoking/drinking/(insert as required) ?

David Beckham has been unbelievably average at Real Madrid. Yes his form has picked up for his club recently but there is no way in hell this guy can be classed as a serious contender for World Player of the Year. Yes he's a good-looking individual but that's no reason to include him on the list!

To make matters worse, Arjen Robben makes the list as well - Damien Duff does not. Huh? Duff is clearly the superior winger. Robben has been shite this season and Mourinho would clearly favour the Irishman over the Dutchman. Remember how important Duff was in the Premiership and in the Champions League last season? Remember that quality goal he scored at Stamford Bridge against Barcelona in that cracker that Chelsea won 4-2? But Duff can't be included! No, he actually has talent!

Believe it or not but Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo even made the shortlist ahead of Duff. Absolute bollocks.


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