Sunday, September 25, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny - All-Ireland final

This afternoon, the All-Ireland football final between Kerry and Tyrone gets under way.

I must admit that I enjoy the day of the All-Ireland final. I'm not a big GAA fan (I am a Dub remember) but even as a kid I liked watching the football final. Not the hurling though, that never appealed to me. That sport's too rough for a Dubliner!

I think one of the great things about a day like today is that it's a real expression of Irish culture. It's a day for Ireland. Not too many other countries will follow today's events but that doesn't matter.

What I like about having a team from Ireland's north in the final is that it really gives the competition that all-Ireland feel. Today is truly a day for the Irish nation.

I won't bother making a prediction as I don't know enough about the sport to do so though I've read in the papers this week that the final is expected to be a rather drab and dour occasion and from what I've been reading, Tyrone are fancied to win. But I might have been reading the wrong papers so who knows?

Instead I'll choose the team I want to win and the team I want to win is Kerry. I know Dublin and Kerry have a bit of a rivalry with each other but then again, Dubs have a rivalry with everybody it seems. I want Kerry to win because I've had great times down in Kerry. It's one of my favourite parts of Ireland and I find the scenery beautiful there. I especially like Tralee. Besides, those Ulster counties are getting too big for their boots in my opinion. They think they're fecking brilliant!

Those Kerry boyos will put them in their place on Sunday hopefully. In my limited experience of this sport, I'm going to tentatively suggest that Colm 'Gooch' Cooper (yes I do know some of the players) will be the man to watch in the final.

So with all that being said, there's nothing left to say except...go on the Kerry!


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