Monday, September 26, 2005


Politics - Nude Zealand-style

You think Irish politics is bizarre? Check out how they do things in New Zealand.

There, a New Zealand politician has taken a stroll through Auckland - wearing nothing but copious amounts of body paint and a pair of pants.

Green Party MP Keith Locke had pledged to strip off if Act Party leader Rodney Hide won the seat of his constituency.

Seen as a long-shot, Mr Hide surprised pundits by winning a big majority.

"I had to do it," Mr Locke said. "The Greens keep their promises". His elaborate suit included a white shirt, green tie and matching jacket.

OK I have a question, why are people surprised that he lost?! If you say you're going to take off your clothes if you lose to your rival, of course you're going to lose! You're just setting yourself up for defeat!

As I understand it, the undressing of his clothes was carefully verified by an independent monitor...presumably his wife.

Man, can you imagine what it would be like if an Irish politician took his/her clothes off?

No, neither can I!


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