Thursday, September 29, 2005


Loyalists bomb home of three-year-old

More depressing news I'm afraid.

Today loyalist paramilitaries have been blamed for a pipe bomb attack on the home of a couple and their three-year-old son in Co Antrim.

A pipe bomb was placed on the window sill of the property in Carnany estate where a couple and a three-year-old child were asleep upstairs. It exploded at about 0230 BST, embedding a 12 inch long piece of shrapnel into a chair. No-one was hurt.

Detective Inspector Nick McCaw said it was lucky no-one was seriously injured.

"When we catch the people responsible they will be charged with attempted murder," he said.

He said that if someone had been in the living room "they would have been seriously injured or killed".

Horrible stuff. That three-year-old boy could have been murdered. I'm sure the family are quite shaken about this monstrous attack.

It would be nice if the DUP would come out and condemn the loyalists for this appalling murder attempt but it seems they have more important matters to attend to - they're off quizzing the two churchmen who witnessed the IRA's final act of decommissioning to assess if there is still a threat posed by the Provos!

You couldn't make it up. What a sorry state of affairs.


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