Thursday, September 15, 2005


I'm back...did I miss much?

Well I'm back. So it's been a pretty quiet few days here in Ireland huh (note the sarcasm)? I have been keeping an eye on the recent events.

Firstly I welcome Peter Hain's declassification of the UVF ceasefire. So the UVF are now no longer a group which supports peace. This astounding information is right up there with 'Space is quite large' and 'Ireland is quite wet'.

I also had to laugh at comments made from the Orange Order yesterday claiming they were not involved in the loyalist violence. Pure nonsense. Thankfully, the PSNI proved it by releasing video footage! One can clearly see an OO member waving his sword around the way a child would a plastic toy. But this was no plastic toy. One high ranking official in the Orange Order claimed he was not threatening officers with it. Bollocks! He was waving the thing around like an Orange Zorro! Laughably the high ranking official claimed he had not seen the PSNI's footage himself as he was 'too busy'. Yeah, too busy plotting to intimidate Catholics. They're a disgrace.

The world has caught a glimpse of what many of us here in Ireland have been saying all along - the Orange Order are bigots! And their loyalist friends are terrorising innocent Catholics!


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