Sunday, September 11, 2005


OO must bear responsibility - Orde

Chief Constable Hugh Orde has said the Orange Order must bear substantial responsibility for the disorder which occurred at the hands of loyalists yesterday and claimed the action by his officers was proportionate to the violence.

Mr Orde also revealed a bomb factory was discovered as part of the follow-up security operation in the aftermath of violence in Ireland's north which left 32 police officers injured.

"This violence was completely organised and the heroic actions of my officers prevented it escalating," he said.

I myself have said many times here on United Irelander that the Orange Order are bigots. I've even called on the organisation to disband.

In response, I had people criticise me and tell me that I was the one being bigoted and that the organisation is a force of good in Ireland's north.

This has been confirmed to be pure bollocks. Here we have the Chief Constable Hugh Orde stating that the Orange Order must bear 'substantial responsibility' for yesterday's violence. Recently, the Orange Order pledged its full support to the abysmal, laughable 'Love Ulster' campaign which highlights bigotry at its worst!

The Orange Order are a force of evil in Ireland's north. And it's time for them to disband.


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