Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Time to get our priorities in order

I came across this great letter in the Irish Examiner by John O'Shea from GOAL:

"The excellent article by Caroline O’Doherty headlined ‘Should claiming space cost the earth?’ hits the nail on the head (Irish Examiner, August 11).

Rarely have the skewed priorities of powerful nations come into such stark contrast as in the case of the Discovery space mission and that of the famine in Niger.

Here is a prime example of money - billions - being no obstacle when the will is there.

A fraction of that dedication, determination and funding by governments of the west would have prevented the suffering of the millions in Niger.

It just goes to show, yet again, that the west has no problem at all spending the big bucks when there is a benefit to it.

That we can have astronauts repairing shuttles in space, yet we cannot eradicate famine in Africa is an indictment of mankind."

John O’Shea

I think Mr O'Shea is bang on the money and I agree with him wholeheartedly. It's time to stop spending money on activities out of this world and get our own planet in order first!

I've heard the argument that it's in mankind's nature to reach out and discover. However, as history has shown, it is also in mankind's nature to turn a blind eye to the events that lead to men, women and children dying needlessly.

It's time to sort out mankind. We're not ready for aliens yet.


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