Monday, August 22, 2005


Monday Madness-Unionist hypocrisy

"The unionist community will not tolerate such an aggressive assault on our sovereignty by a jurisdiction which has been so hostile in the past." - The UUP's Jim Nicholson speaking on the issue of proposed speaking rights in the Dail for Northern MPs. August 3rd, 2005.

"The Irish Government have a moral and legal obligation to send these individuals back to Colombia to face the due process of the law. If decisive action is not taken after this round of questioning serious questions will have to be asked." - Reg Empey speaking on the Colombia Three. August 18th, 2005.

Why is it OK in the eyes of unionism to attack the Republic for taking an interest in the affairs of the North's jurisdiction; yet at the same time it's perfectly acceptable for unionists to take an interest in the affairs of the Republic's jurisdiction?

Isn't this a case of absolutely appalling hypocrisy?

Quite frankly, it stinks!


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