Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Loyalist love...

Here's a question for you - Loyalists have been engaged in a bloody feud for weeks and months which has claimed several lives. Nationalists have found themselves being intimidated by them. Unionists have been criticised by nationalists for not speaking out against the culprits enough. So, if you're from the unionist community, what do you do?

Denounce the loyalists publicly? Request that unionist politicians show more criticism of loyalists? Perhaps arrange a campaign with your nationalist brothers and sisters and join in solidarity to condemn the loyalist violence? Nope. All wrong. Give up?

Why you organise a campaign urging resistance against a slide towards a united Ireland, of course!

About 200 people, including loyalists, have
gathered in Larne for the launch of a newspaper to "promote unionist and loyalist views".

The campaign has the backing of victims' groups and loyalists and Orange Order grand master Robert Saulters said he hoped members would support the campaign.

I think this is scandalous. At a time when nationalists are being bullied and harassed by these low lifes, unionists are stirring things up with this campaign as well as cooperating with the loyalists! The fact that the Orange Order has given its support to this campaign has only strengthened my view of the organisation as a breeding ground for bigots.

I think the SDLP's Alasdair McDonnell summed things up pretty well:

"It is utterly disgraceful at a time when loyalist paramilitaries are killing each other and terrorising the nationalist community that the Orange Order should have come together with them on a campaign against a united Ireland.

"The Orange Order claims again and again to be against terrorism yet they don't hesitate to associate with murderous paramilitaries when and where it suits them. This is rank hypocrisy and thoroughly shameful.

"It is also deeply irresponsible at a time when extremists are trying to ratchet up tension in the community that leaflets are being delivered claiming that Ulster is at crisis point.

"This type of inflammatory and alarmist action plays right into the hands of extremists and adds fuel to the sectarian fire."

Well said Mr McDonnell. It's a disgrace.


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