Tuesday, August 30, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Grainne

Grainne (Gron-ya), in Irish mythology, was the daughter of Cormac Mac Art, the High King of Ireland. She was promised to Finn MacCool, leader of the Fianna, the body guard of the High King. Although still powerful, Finn MacCool was quite old and Grainne preferred Diarmuid (Deer-mwid) Ua Duibhne, who was the foster-son of the love god Aonghus. By using magic, Grainne managed to escape from Tara, the Irish capital, with a rather reluctant Diarmuid. Gradually, however, he came to love Grainne, although for sixteen years they had to keep moving in order to avoid capture by the Fenians. But Diarmuid was killed by a magic boar in a hunting accident after Cormac Mac Art and Finn MacCool had finally accepted his marriage to Grainne. Although Grainne blamed Finn MacCool for Diarmuid's death and swore to obtain vengeance through her four sons, the wily Finn wooed her until she agreed to marry him.

I think this story teaches us a valuable lesson. Love conquers all...unless you encounter a magic boar.


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