Friday, August 19, 2005


Fun Referrers

Continuing my weekly look at the funny things people type into their search engines to come across my site, this week saw quite a few amusing ones. For example:

"hot irish girls"

Ooh very saucy!

"young irelander competition"

Uh...OK. Don't think I ever did one of those.


I don't really want to know what this person was looking for...

"complete eejit catherine gavin"

Eh? Who's Catherine Gavin?!

"hot irish girls"

Ah now come on! Not again!

"Fianna Fail terrorist crest"

What the hell?

"who won the irish you're a star charity special?"

Who cares?

"unionism + loyalism + sectarianism + socialist + anarchist + communist"

Now that's just crazy.

"William Hague Do you believe in God"

Well I would think that's a personal matter for him!

"hot Irish girls"

Ah now not again! People please!

"Fran Cosgrave fan club"

I give up...


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