Sunday, July 31, 2005


Shame on the Ulster Unionists!

I'm disgusted to hear Reg "I'm not David Trimble" Empey say the Ulster Unionists will introduce sanctions if the Irish Government tries to give politicians from Ireland's north speaking rights in the Republic's Parliament.

As speculation mounted that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will move in the autumn to grant 18 MPs and three MEPs a role in Dail debates, Sir Reg Empey confirmed his party had told the British and Irish Governments it would retaliate by refusing to operate cross-border bodies under devolution.

"I believe this move is very dangerous because it would effectively be setting up an embryonic all-Ireland Parliament," said Empey.

This is disgraceful. Who are the Ulster Unionists to hold the Irish government and the Good Friday Agreement to ransom? What the Irish government does is its business.

Empey's idea of throwing the toys out of the pram is unacceptable and should not stand in the way of a move that should have been introduced long ago. This is a great example of the shocking inability of Unionism to grasp, or indeed respect, what nationalism is all about.

Citizens of the Irish nation should be able to participate in debates which affect the Irish nation. Empey's attitude is deplorable and if Unionists refuse to operate cross-border bodies, the British government must get involved and introduce sanctions on them.


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