Friday, August 26, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

It was revealed this week that many last minute package holidays advertised in the shop windows of travel agents in the North either don’t exist or cost more than they say.

"People booking last minute holidays are particularly vulnerable to misleading holiday prices and could be very disappointed when they find out all the facts," said Raymond Dolan of the Trading Standards Service.

Tut-tut. That's awful. I'll give you an honest (cough) list of reasons as to why you should visit the North and I won't misrepresent anything. (just don't click on the links)

- The community spirit
- Enjoy a stroll in the countryside
- Take in the artistry
- Parades for all the family
- Meet the friendly old folks

Experiences you'll never forget!

Also this week, Fine Gael has criticised the Government's alleged lack of preparedness for a potential outbreak of bird flu. Fine Gael TD Denis Naughten has called on the Irish Government to ensure that it has a plan in place to prevent the disease from infecting poultry in Ireland.

I don't think Fine Gael need to worry. Fianna Fail will sort that bird flu out. Sure won't they have to? The party is full of turkeys...

And finally, despite students from the North stretching their lead over the rest of the UK with record GCSE results, the Ulster Unionists have expressed concern that many school-leavers lack basic skills.

"What, however, remains very much a matter for concern is the clear evidence from industry and other recruiters that our school-leavers, like those elsewhere in the UK, frequently cannot read or count," said South Belfast MLA Esmond Birnie, the party's spokesman for employment and learning.

"Basic illiteracy or innumeracy is not only an economic cost but a human tragedy and even more needs to be done to rid our society of this social evil."

Responding to the claims, a school-leaver from the North had this to say: "Birnie make me mad and sad. His comments - badness." The school-leaver then rushed off having been distracted by something shiny.*

*may not be true


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