Friday, August 26, 2005


Want some ice-cream?

Hey get this - UTV reports that four men who were working for loyalists were freed today after being caught on camera attacking a rival business man who was really an undercover cop. What was the business? Ice-cream!

Belfast Crown Court heard that moments earlier the under-cover policeman named 'John' was ordered from the loyalist Castlemara estate in Carrickfergus by two UDA men who claimed to control ice cream sale in the area.

They all pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm to the under-cover policeman and causing criminal damage to his ice-cream van.

Prosecuting lawyer Charles McKay told the court that on May 20 2003 police began an under-cover investigation into a UDA extortion racket in the loyalist Carrickfergus estate.

Posing as an ice-cream man for "Rainbow Ices", 'John' was approached by two UDA men who told him they controlled ice cream sales in the area, and one even boasted that he also "run Larne and all, too".

Unaware they were being taped, added Mr McKay, the men told him he could not sell ice-cream without first registering with the local UDA and ordered him out of the Castlemara estate.

What the hell? Loyalists have moved into the ice-cream business? How does that work...?

Kid: Can I have an ice-cream?

Ice-cream man: Sure. Now you can have the '99' which includes a flake, or the 'AK-47' where you get a free union jack!

Kid: I'm not hungry any more.

I wonder what the next enterprise is for the Loyalists? This, perhaps?


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