Thursday, August 25, 2005


Rangers bigots sunk by Stena

It was announced on Wednesday that ferry company Stena have banned Rangers supporters from Ireland's north from travelling on its vessels as foot passengers.

The move came after complaints from passengers about the behaviour of Rangers fans returning to Belfast on Saturday evening from the Old Firm game in Glasgow.

Specific complaints had been made about the singing of sectarian songs by the football fans.

One passenger commented: "They were not singing football songs, they were singing sectarian songs about killing Catholics, named Catholics that have been shot dead.

"One of the Stena line staff came down and this seemed to up the ante and they got out of control."

A spokesman for the ferry company said: "As a result, Stena won't be carrying any more groups of Rangers fans as foot passengers with immediate effect."

Stena added: "We are taking this action for the well-being of all our passengers, many of whom are families with children, and none of whom should be subjected to sectarian or offensive behaviour."

Well done Stena! I congratulate them on a very intelligent decision. It's a real shame that Rangers fans cannot act like respectable citizens for even a short period of time.

Why is it Celtic fans are praised for their attitude when they go abroad and have even received awards for their behaviour - yet Rangers fans act like hooligans?

Rangers fans could learn a thing or two from their green and white rivals.


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