Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Back off Colombia!

I see the Colombian government has said it is determined to secure the extradition of the Colombia Three.

Colombian Vice-President Franciso Santos said yesterday that his government would pursue the extradition "to the last day of the last possible appeal".

Legal experts have already predicted that Niall Connolly, Martin McAuley and Jim Monaghan will never be extradited to Colombia because of the lack of an extradition treaty and the country's poor human rights record.

They shouldn't be extradited! Isn't there something really disturbing about how hard the Colombians are pushing for these three men to be extradited? It only goes to show that for the Colombians, this is a political exercise.

These three men are seen by the Colombian government as scapegoats for Colombia's sorry State. Also, I think the Colombians have made this personal and want to get one over on Ireland. Too bad!

Colombia, your Human Rights record is a joke as is your legal system. I suggest you work on that first and leave these three IRISHMEN alone so they can get on with their lives in a REAL country.

Sorry Colombia. You lose.


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