Saturday, July 30, 2005


ETA send a message

Two bombs exploded on highways in central Spain on Friday evening after a warning call from the armed Basque group Eta, police said.

The bombs came a day after Spanish politicians expressed hope that the Irish Republican Army’s announcement that it was laying down arms might encourage ETA to do likewise.

A police spokesman in the Castilla La Mancha regional capital of Toledo had no details but said he did not believe there were any injuries. The warning call was phoned to the daily newspaper Gara.

The real warning call to focus on here is not the one sent to the daily newspaper Gara, it is the one that has been sent to democrats throughout Spain. Coming a day after the IRA's statement it's clear ETA are sending a message of intent that they aren't interested in going down the route the IRA have taken.

That is a terrible shame. Hopefully they will change their minds.


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