Sunday, July 24, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Creidhne

Creidhne was the goldsmith of the Tuatha De Danann and the brother of Goibhniu, the smith god, and Luchtar, the carpenter. During the second battle of Magh Tuireadh when the De Danann finally defeated the Fomorii, the three brothers could be seen on the battlefield making and repairing spears with magical speed. As Goibhniu fashioned a blade with three blows of his hammer, Luchtar carved a handle in a flash, and Creidhne crafted rivets that flew into place and bonded at once.

That was some information on Creidhne. Tomorrow I will begin writing on arguably the most famous figure in Irish mythology - Cuchulainn. Needless to say, there is alot of information about him so I will cover Cuchulainn's stories over the week but I shall enjoy it as he is certainly my favourite figure.


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