Friday, July 22, 2005


Reading between the lines

If there's one thing you need to have in this country, it's an ability to read between the lines. Below I give you some statements made during the past week and the real meaning behind them:

"Not only myself but the whole of the Progressive Unionist Party has no influence on what's happening on our streets at all. " - David Ervine commenting on the Loyalist violence

Translation: "I'm staying the hell out of this"!

"This will turn into a pro-IRA march which cause only resentment. That's just being stupid and it will cause problems and turmoil." - Ian Paisley Jr commenting on plans by republicans to stage a march to commemorate the 34th anniversary of internment in Ballymena.

Translation: "If you're not wearing orange and a sash, no marches"!

“The decision by Education Minister Angela Smith to fund three new Irish medium primary schools is nothing short of a disgraceful use of public money." - DUP's Sammy Wilson

Translation: "This is focal nonsense! Boo Ireland!"

"The three main loyalist paramilitary groups remain committed to working for the betterment of their communities, but they need help doing this." - Spokesman for Loyalist commission

Translation: Hey Britain, spare change?

Like I said, you gotta read between the lines in this country!


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