Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Roy on his way out?

I was disappointed to hear about the row which is said to have occured between Alex Ferguson and everyone's favourite angry Corkman, Roy Keane.

Reports suggest the row happened as a result of the United manager's decision to let wives and children accompany the squad for the duration of the week-long stay. It seems Keane took issue with this decision.

Ferguson has played down rumours of a rift stating "Roy Keane is injured, it is as simple as that" but is it as simple as that?

History shows that if Fergie has a problem with you, you will be heading for the exit regardless of how big your name is. However, as names go, Keane's one is pretty damn big and he is idolised at Old Trafford. Most United fans are loyal to Fergie but would they back him if he sent Keane on his way? I'm not sure.

United are in a vulnerable state as it is having gone two seasons without winning the Premiership, suffering Glazers' takeover, Rio Ferdinand still stalling on a new contract and now rumours of a rift between manager and captain! What are the odds on United winning the title now, I wonder?

Dark clouds are clearly hanging over Old Trafford at the minute. The last thing needed there is the addition of the red mist. Ferguson will be well aware of that...


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