Monday, July 25, 2005


Monday Madness-PSNI incompetence

I'm both amazed and appalled at the extraordinary idiocy and incompetence shown by the PSNI today in relation to the situation in east Belfast where a large number of loyalist paramilitaries have occupied a housing estate.

It is believed the UVF associates are at the estate in Garnerville to ensure families associated with the LVF who were put out of the area do not return.

A number of families left Glenlea Park at the weekend and it is believed to be connected to the ongoing loyalist feud.

Police and Army have remained at the scene all day.

What the hell are they waiting for? Move into the area, remove the scumbags and end this madness. This is absolutely ridiculous! Listen to these pathetic comments from Chief Superintendent Wesley Wilson:

"We can only do something if there is a complaint or if there is an offence detected.

"We haven't seen any offences today, otherwise we would have made arrests and we haven't received complaints from members of the public as yet" he said.

Contrast this situation with the situation in Britain where a man can be shot dead by police for possibly being a terrorist, as opposed to Ireland's north where people who are quite clearly terrorists are able to ride roughshod over the local people and inflict terror and misery while the police and army stand around and do absolutely nothing.

Let's not forget that a statement is expected soon from the IRA which many people hope will involve the ultimate disbandment of the IRA. This kind of nonsense with the Loyalist paramilitaries plays into the hands of those who claim that the IRA are necessary to be the police for republican areas. When one observes this kind of farcical rubbish that the PSNI are currently engaged in, it's quite hard to argue against such claims.

The PSNI are supposed to be the police. How about they actually do their damn job and police the area? They're a shambles.


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