Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Michael Collins and the Muslims

The following is a letter taken from the Irish Examiner:

Whatever one’s view of the British state’s attitude to other cultures, few can fail to feel for mature and moderate British Muslims faced with the news that some of their sons have been lured by the machismo of terrorism.

How confusing it must have seemed to Muslims in Ireland to hear last Tuesday morning’s Irish Examiner radio advertisements glamourising Michael Collins and his squad.

It may support circulation during the silly season, but isn’t it all a bit childish?

Come on, lads - deal with it. Let’s all do a Forrest Gump, and put the past behind us.

Francis Neary

I'm surprised that an Irishman would say such things. How can anybody seriously equate Michael Collins' actions during the War of Independence, with the current actions undertaken by Islamic terrorists?

Does anybody agree with this man's views?


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