Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Adams and McGuinness 'leave IRA'

Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have quit as members of the IRA leadership, according to Justice Minister Michael McDowell.

He said it was also his understanding that Martin Ferris, a Sinn Fein member of the Dail, has left the Provisional's ruling army council as well.

Mr McDowell's claim in Belfast came ahead of an expected IRA statement in which the paramilitary organisation will outline its future.

Asked if Mr Adams, the Sinn Fein president, Mr McGuinness, the party's chief negotiator and Mr Ferris had all relinquished their alleged membership of the seven-man body which runs the Provos, he said: "That's my understanding."

But Mr McDowell stressed: "I don't think that by itself amounts to a severance between the two organisations.

"It's an acknowledgement, in my view, that there was a very structured link between them in the past."

Well if they have left the Army Council then it is a welcome development. Of course, the Sinn Fein apparatchiks have always denied Mr McDowell's claims that Adams, McGuinness and Ferris were on the Council. Indeed, Adams call to the IRA to "fully embrace and accept" democratic means was, in effect, a case of Adams talking to himself.

Regardless, the important thing is that the IRA deliever with this statement. It's time for the people of Ireland to have an Ireland without the Provisional IRA.


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