Thursday, July 21, 2005


How many do you have?

Apologies for the lack of posts on Wednesday but I went out to the pub for a few pints to watch Shelbourne's match against Glentoran. Glad to see Shels win. At least they can say they made it through one round anyway!

While I was out I was again sucked into the sad drinking culture of this country. Myself and some friends ended up getting into a discussion with two chaps about how many drinks they have on a night out to which they said 5 to 6 at the very most whereas myself and my friends informed him we would have 7 to 8 pints at the very least. We all thought this was the norm in this country and were surprised at the answer of the two men. Thinking of this, I realised just how stupid and pointless the drinking culture is in this country. At least with around 5 pints you have enough to enjoy yourself whereas around 8 or so leaves you in bits. Of course my friends told me I was being foolish but I think I will be scaling down my intake on nights out from now on.

So how many pints would you have on a typical night out? Be honest!


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