Friday, July 29, 2005


Fun Referrers

One of the things I enjoy most about Sitemeter is observing the way people happen to come across my site. Over the past week I have recorded some of the funniest things people have typed into search engines which led them to my humble site. So without further ado:

"d4 girl Dublin 4"

I really hope the person who typed this had ridiculing them in mind.

"who is agaisnt (sic) eu constitution"

Yes, type 'against' wrong and you're directed towards my site. Damn my lousy spelling.

"asses in antrim"

Best not to comment on that.

"andrew mccann Slugger O'Toole"

Well, someone has a fan...

"Ray Darcy"

That's just sad.

"How to evade TV license"

Ah now people come on!

"female escort in Europe posted July 2005"

Ah now here! This is getting out of hand!

"IRA terrorist Bowie Space Oddity"

What in the blue hell?

Ah well. It's a funny oul' world!


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