Thursday, July 28, 2005


Adams responds

Gerry Adams has responded to the IRA's statement. He said:

"There is an enormous responsibility on us to seize this moment and to make Irish freedom a reality.

"I would urge all Irish nationalists and republicans, including those who have shown such commitment as volunteers of the IRA, to put their undoubted talents and energy into building a new Ireland."

He went on to say that:

"National liberation struggles can have different phases. There is a time to resist, to stand up and to confront the enemy by arms if necessary.

"In other words, there is a time for war. There is also a time to engage, to reach out, to put the war behind us all.

"There is a time for peace. There is a time for justice. There is a time for rebuilding. This is that time. This is the era of the nation builders."

Overall, I didn't think he said anything unexpected but I agree with the comments he made urging people throughout Ireland to use today's development to pursue a United Ireland.

I hope today's announcement reinvigorates the issue of a United Ireland and that people throughout the island, especially young people, will be encouraged by today's announcement to look once more at the issue of Irish reunification.


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