Friday, July 29, 2005


Some things you don't want to hear...

Some things you don't want to hear Gerry Adams say:

"I left out a final line from the IRA statement - 'This was all a piss take. Regards, P O'Neill.' Oops."

"It seems the IRA can't remember where its guns are. Do you accept IOUs?"

"I only sent McGuinness to America 'cos I didn't want him hogging my spotlight."

"This whole thing was just a ploy to boost DVD sales."

"We won't join the Policing Board unless Celtic jerseys are made part of the new uniform."

"The only priest the IRA will trust is Father Neil Horan."

"After all this maybe I should write another book?"

"The IRA would've done this years ago, they just wanted to piss Trimble off."

"Let's hear what Mitchel has to say."

Feel free to come up with some of your own...


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