Thursday, July 28, 2005


Ahern and the McCabe killers

I have just listened to the Taoiseach's response to today's announcement by the IRA. It was what you would expect. Ahern welcomed the statement, he stated he agreed with Paisley's position and that he would judge the IRA by their actions, he spoke of how he was proud to be the Taoiseach on this day and that he feels the peace process is the most important part of being Taoiseach. He also stated today was a great day for constitutional Republicanism and he reiterated his desire for a United Ireland by consent.

What I found most interesting though was Ahern's statement that today's developments would not change the situation in relation to the men who murdered Garda Jerry McCabe. According to Ahern, the issue of OTRs (On The Runs) is a separate issue entirely to the imprisonment of the men who gunned down the Irish detective.

I'm glad to hear it. While I welcome this statement today, as I'm sure most Irish people do, I and the overwhelming majority of Irish people will not stomach the release of the men who gunned down a protector and servant of the Irish people. Those men must remain in prison for their heinous crime.


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