Friday, July 01, 2005


Anglo-Irish relations will be OK - Ahern

Plans to take the UK to the European courts over the Dublin Monaghan bombings will not strain Anglo-Irish relations, Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern insisted today.

"We’ve been here before. We’re two democratic governments," he said.

"We’ve already taken the British government to court over Sellafield and we’re still prosecuting that case very vigorously."

Ireland has unsuccessfully sought British intelligence documents on the May 1974 car bombs that killed 34 people – the single biggest loss of life during Northern Ireland’s troubles.

An Irish judicial inquiry reported two years ago that it was “likely” there had been collusion between members of the British security forces and the loyalist bomb teams. ("Likely"? More like DEFINITELY.)

The Justice for the Forgotten group, which represents relatives of those killed in the bombings, has already filed complaints with the Strasbourg-based court.

It alleges that the Ulster Volunteer Force was assisted by membes of British army intelligence in planning and planting the bombs. (No doubt about it. MI5 were involved. Check my sidebar for more info)


It's frustrating that things are going so slow. It seems lots of blogs ar reluctant to speak on this issue. I'm not. You want the names of those involved in the bombings?

The man responsible for the Dublin bombing: David Mulholland

The principal suspects involved in stealing the car and planting the Monaghan bomb:

Stewart Young, Nicko Jackson, Cha Gilmore.

Others involved in the Monaghan bomb:

Ross Hearst, Sammy Whitten, Nelson Young.

It's all outlined in Joe Tierney's book, "The Dublin and Monaghan Bombings and The Murder Triangle". So why aren't these people being arrested for murdering 34 people?

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