Friday, July 01, 2005


Loyalists disrupt police meeting

A District Policing Partnership meeting in County Antrim has had to be abandoned following a protest by loyalists.

The SDLP chairman, Declan O'Loan, needed a police escort after the protesters disrupted proceedings in Clough village hall.

A group of about 50 loyalists jeered him as he tried to start the meeting.

Progressive Unionist Party member (and UVF apologist) Billy McCaughey said: "Declan O'Loan is not an acceptable chairman for the DPP as far as unionism is concerned."

He added: "Our intention was to ensure he didn't chair the meeting and we are happy with the outcome."


Wow what a great outcome! You acted like little brats and denied the man a chance to conduct his business. Fantastic.

Can loyalists not try acting with some dignity and respect? Or is that just too difficult?


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