Thursday, June 23, 2005


Well said Jim Allister!

It's not every day I congratulate a member of the DUP (in fact, this may be a first) but I would like to praise MEP DUP Jim Allister for his delightful attack on President of the European Council Jean Claude Juncker in a speech at the European Parliament. (hat-tip About EU)

Here are Mr Allister's comments in full:

"For those who still cling to the European dream, your Presidency has been a stunning failure. Under it, the precious Constitution has shipwrecked on the rocks of rejection and the budget is an unmitigated shambles, with rancour - as in your speech today - being its currency. Out of this though, good could come. If the effect was to jolt European leaders into the same reality stream that many of their people already occupy, then a workable Europe could emerge. Root and branch changes are essential, in which the primacy of the Nation State should be re-established and Brussels' centralisation reversed, with wide-ranging powers repatriated to national governments and parliaments. A Europe built on sovereign states, training and co-operating for mutual benefit and not for the purpose of an unwanted and unworkable "ever-closer Union" has some hope of success. This present Europe - as your Presidency demonstrates - cannot work."

Amen to that, sir. I guess the DUP aren't all bad! As far as I'm concerned, if there's one thing that should unite the people of this island, it should be a fierce opposition to the democracy-denying degenerates who operate at Brussels and who threaten nation-states throughout Europe. We need people like Mr Allister to tell them that we're not about to be walked over!


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