Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday - Wimbledon Woes

I did not get to do my weekly rant yesterday so I thought I would combine it with my weekly top ten list. I see Wimbledon has started up again on the BBC. There are lots of things about Wimbledon that I despise. Allow me to present the top ten things about Wimbledon that I hate. So without further ado:

1. Tim Henman - I hate this guy. He just comes across as so smarmy and arrogant. A typical British snob. A toff. I delight in seeing him get knocked out each year and I note that there are a helluva lot of Brits who feel the same.
2. Henman Hill - What is this bullshit all about? Henman Hill? The name is just ridiculous. What's even more ridiculous is when the Canadian/Briton Greg Rusedski plays and they call it 'Rusedski Ridge'. Madness. It pisses me off. Alot.
3. Henmania - The term used for those annoying Brits who hype Henman up to epic proportions. 'Come on Tim', 'Come on Tim' is all you hear when Henman is playing. It makes my blood boil and I delight when he gets knocked out and those fools are shut up.
4. 'Tiger Tim' - This is the farcical nickkname Henman has been given. It hardly places fear in the pit of your stomach does it? 'Tim' isn't exactly a name that will do that. Think about it - 'Terrifying Tim', 'Tim the Titan' it just doesn't work. 'Tiger Tim' is just absurd altogether.
5. Greg Rusedski - This guy really bugs me. He's not even British! Brits have always made fun of the Irish who adopt Brits but does Rusedski have any connection to Britain AT ALL? He seems like a nasty indivdual as well. Remember his outburst one or two years ago?
6. Sue Barker - Henman's personal cheerleader. This one really annoys me and I don't like her on A Question of Sport either. She harps on and on about Henman ad nauseum. Just shut up already.
7. John McEnroe - This guy is a muppet. EVERY YEAR he says he thinks Henman will win. You cannot be serious John? He is licking up to the Brits that's all. He is full of himself to boot. He won't shut up when he's commentating either.
8. Annoying Commentators - They are some of the most annoying people you could ever listen to. As if McEnroe wasn't bad enough, you've got Boris Becker, David Mercer ( in love with Henman I think) and Henman fanboy, John Lloyd. The only one I like is the excellent Barry Davies.
9. Men in Suits - Why is it the draw is made as easy as possible for Tim Henman every year? It's an absolute disgrace. I've no idea who Henman plays in the first round but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they got some hobo off the street, handed him a racket and told him to go to Centre Court. It's just a joke.
10. Stupid Bow - I don't know if it's a requirement any more to bow to those in the 'Royal Box' any more but if there is, it should be stopped immediately! I have been disgusted to see other nationalities engage in this dreadful gesture in previous years. If it were me I wouldn't do it. I would lock eyes with them and hold my Irish head high. 'Royal box' would have a very different meaning in my eyes!

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer up your own.


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