Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Sinn City awaits...

The eagerly awaited IRA statement on its future could come before early August, Bertie Ahern told the Dail on Tuesday night.

Mr Ahern said that the British and Irish governments expected to hear from the terrorist group before the August bank holiday weekend in the Republic of Ireland.

Mr Ahern told opposition TDs today: "We would expect to hear in the weeks immediately ahead before the holiday break in August. That is what we believe but we don’t have any definite information."

Yeah Bertie doesn't have any 'definite information' basically down to the fact that the very silly IRA Army Council messed up the summer vacation plans. You see, Martin Ferris was supposed to book the holiday in early July but there were issues with the travel agency and...well you know how it goes but not to worry, apparently the big trip has been arranged now for the holiday break in August!

Once they get that bothersome issue of the statement out of the way it's off to the bright lights of Las Vegas! The IRA are flush with the cash these days you see. Apparently they got a big surge of funds round about December last year believe it or not...


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