Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Democracy Told To F*ck Off

The Minister for Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Ireland will hold a referendum on the EU Constitution.

Minister Dermot Ahern says the treaty can be salvaged if French and Dutch voters are asked to think again.

Mr Ahern said EU leaders should discuss what could be changed in the treaty to ensure that it is ratified, without renegotiating the entire document.

Meanwhile, Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said certain elements of the Constitution could be introduced without a referendum in the UK.

Here's the situation:

1) Dermot Ahern is pushing for a referendum on a document that is dead. This campaign will cost the Irish taxpayer around €5m according to certain sources. Money that could be spent on more important things.

2) Dermot Ahern is suggesting we spit on the democratic decisions made by the French and Dutch voters.

3) Dermot Ahern is more concerned with getting the treaty ratified rather than consulting the people.

4) Jack Straw is trying to implement proposals without the consent of the British people.

This is democracy EU-style and it makes me sick to my stomach. They are sticking two fingers up at democracy and history has shown that when you do this to people, violence is usally the response. How could I condemn French and Dutch people for resorting to a campaign of violence if their democratic decisions are not respected? I would not condemn them!

I condemn Ahern, Straw and the other EU fascists! You sicken me, Dermot Ahern!


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