Wednesday, March 30, 2005



I have not commented on the major issue that is in America right now involving Terri Schiavo who is currently being starved to death, mainly because I've found the whole case quite confusing.It's a case which raises issues about the pro and cons of euthanaisia as well as the technicalities of the legal system.To be honest, as I listened to Americans comment on the matter, I found the whole thing even more confusing.

In my opinion though, I think she is being put through an awful ordeal and that it is incredibly inhumane to allow the poor woman to starve to death by depriving her of food and water.For my part, I am not against euthanasia when it involves a situation where you are putting a terminally ill person who is suffering, out of their misery.What we are seeing here, however, is a woman who is being made to suffer and who is being put through misery, along with her family who want her to be given food and water.

I believe the attitude of Mr Michael Schiavo has been appalling and I feel this has been a very sad and disturbing case.Ronan Mullen of the Irish Examiner has written a very good article on this issue which you can read here.


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