Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Passing the Buck

Justice Minister Michael McDowell has criticised the security industry following the theft of more than €2m from a cash-transit van in Dublin this morning.

In a statement released to the media, Mr McDowell said: "The security industry has let down the wider community through an apparent procedural lapse which has enabled criminals to realise a significant amount of money."

Labour Party TD Joe Costello, however, said Mr McDowell must take some responsibilty for today's robbery.

"It has taken four years to put the private security firms legislation through the Dail and I had to intervene on a couple of occasions with the Taoiseach to try and get it moving along," Mr Costello said.

I agree with Mr Costello.The Justice Minister is trying to pass the buck but he needs to hold his hands up and accept responsibility.Sinn Fein labelled him the "Minister for Injustice", I would say he's more like the Minister for Incompetence.


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