Wednesday, March 30, 2005


'What If'?Wednesday-Vote on Irish Unity

What if there was a vote on Irish unity tomorrow?Would it pass or would it fail?Let's say the North had voted marginallly for Irish unity, would the vote in the south be a foregone conclusion?I don't believe so.I think there would be a number of issues that would come into consideration:

1) The cost - Where would reunification hit Irish people in their pockets? Would they be faced with heavy taxes?

2) Security - Would they be faced with a terror campaign from the loyalists?

3) Would they be faced with a different political system?A federal structure, for example?

4) Would it be worth it to change the culture/traditions of the State? A new flag, anthem etc.

These are just some of the issues that Irish people would be faced with and my take on these points would be:

1) The cost would be worth it since unity is the right thing for the island.I would like to see the EU help pay for alot of the cost too.

2) The issue of security would really depend on how unity was achieved.If it takes place in the right way, I don't feel the threat would be too bad. Nonetheless, there would surely be some form of threat from the loyalists.

3) There would surely be a different structure of government.This would have to be made clear well before even the North's vote on unity.I think most Irish people would accept that this would have to be the case.

4) There would need to be a new flag, anthem, as well as other changes.I would accept these changes for the greater good and I would trust that so too would most Irish people.

Overall, massive changes would be in order but I'm confident that most Irish people would still vote Yes to Irish reunification.


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