Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Unionism

I felt for this edition of Top Ten Tuesday it would be good to put down what I feel are the top ten things to do with unionism.So without further ado:

1. Resilience - Unionists are a resilient bunch and have withstood much hardship.
2. More tolerant - They are far more tolerant than unionists of previous generations.
3. Better attitude towards south - They have a better attitude towards the rest of the island than in the past, which is welcome.
4. Better attitude with religion - The sectarianism is not as bad and, like the Republic, attitudes toward religion have evolved.
5. Loyal - Unionists have been very loyal to Britian and the monarchy, probably more than the mainland British have been.
6. No mainstream loyalist support - Most unionists do not support those with links to unionist paramilitary groups.
7. Patriotic - Unionists are clearly very proud to be British.
8. Good values - Unionists do still place an importance on values and morals.
9. Ulster-Scots heritage - The Ulster-Scots heritage has been important and has helped shape other nations, such as America.
10. Strong-willed - Unionists, like nationalists, are a very determined lot.

So there you have it.Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own views.


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