Friday, November 11, 2005


No football please - we're Scottish

I welcome the recent decision by the Scottish FA who have ruled out particpating in a Great Britain football team at the London 2012 Olympics.

The Scottish FA had been given written assurances by Fifa president Sepp Blatter that taking part in the 2012 Games would not affect their separate identity in world football.

But the Scots fear that Blatter may not be in power in 2012 and his successor may have other views.

The Welsh FA, having initially opposed the idea, are now deciding whether to reconsider but most worryingly of all is the news that NI are in favour of such a team.

I think it ill behoves the IFA to allow Irish players to particpate in a British team. It also makes the IFA out to be liars as they have preached before about how inclusive they are yet here they are ready and willing to participate in a venture that they know nationalists will not support!

The union jack isn't even used at NI matches so why are the IFA intent on alienating nationalists in this way? This is a particularly pertinent question as apparently it's acceptable for Belfast city council to restrict nationalists from, to quote some unionists, 'hijacking' St Patrick's Day yet the IFA are seemingly intent on 'hijacking' the London 2012 Olympics for unionists! What gives?

The IFA and the Welsh FA should adopt the stance taken by the SFA which is definitely the correct one.


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