Monday, October 31, 2005


Stripping away our differences...

I came across this revealing piece (ahem) from the Observer by Henry McDonald regarding a stripping agency whose dancers will no longer wear their old RUC uniforms.

Angels, the Glengormley based striptease/kissogram agency, says it has dumped the RUC's old bottle-green outfits for PSNI kit in the interests of peace.

"You have to support the peace process, haven't you," said Angels owner Jeff Dowey on Friday.

"The RUC uniforms were hugely popular, but we had to move with the times. We expect the same response from the new PSNI ones. In fact, they are a lot sexier, so they will go down a treat."

Interestingly, as well as posing as policemen and women, Angels also dresses its dancers in the 'uniform' of paramilitaries - complete with balaclavas and baseball bats.

You know something, there's alot of doom and gloom when it comes to Irish politics. But when stories like this are exposed (sorry) and when we get to the naked truth of the matter (sorry again), encouraging signals for the future are laid bare (last one).

I find it all so very uplifting!


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