Monday, June 18, 2007


Conditions right for Queen visit - McAleese

I was pleased to hear President McAleese say today that conditions were as good as they have ever been for a historic first visit from the Queen to Ireland's south. Speaking after receiving a warm welcome from the unionist-controlled Lisburn council, she said a visit from the Queen was possible because of the political breakthrough in NI. Said the President:

"One of the things we would all have in mind would be to ensure the circumstances are absolutely right.

"They are probably now getting to the point where they are as close to right as they have ever been.

"One of the things we take great pride and great encouragement from is what is happening here in Northern Ireland – that’s giving us great comfort."

I echo the President's sentiments and I hope that one day soon we see this historic visit. I reckon it would do a lot of good for all-Ireland relations.


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