Friday, March 30, 2007


Who should be in power after the Election?

There is a resemblance First things first I've closed the poll on my sidebar which asked the question, "Will the DUP move on and restore NI's institutions?"

The final results were:

Yes - 37% (90 votes)
No - 63% (153 votes)

243 votes in total

It would seem in this instance that the majority have got it wrong, though with politics in NI you can never be sure. Fingers crossed anyway that everything works out.

I'd like to now move on to events here in the south seeing as the General Election is but a few weeks away. This Wednesday I will post an interview with Independent TD for Dublin Central Tony Gregory who discusses the election and other matters so make sure you check that out next week.

Speaking of elections I must say I find the events leading up to them very irritating. The visits from politicians who finally remember you exist, the petty sniping from both sides, the plethora of signs and billboards which spring up everywhere, (I think there's still some up in my area from the last one) and so on and so forth.

But there is one thing I do enjoy from general elections which makes all the BS worthwhile - politicians finally realising where the true power lies. Yes, this is the time where we the voting public get to send politicians a message. It's an opportunity I myself have been eagerly awaiting and I'm looking forward to marking my ballot this summer.

The political parties are already doing their utmost to sway you on to their way of thinking and part and parcel of this involves lashing out at the opposition's policies. The Progressive Democrats have been busy doing just that and have hit out at the prospect of a Fine Gael/Labour coalition by launching a website undermining their policies. Called Rainbow Splits the site calls into question the ability of Fine Gael and Labour to work together citing differences in outlook between the two. I can't say I was that impressed with the site but I suppose it is early days. Their Laurel and Hardy spoof shown above is pretty good though.

Maybe we should lock him up
Parties sticking the boot in

I am interested to know what your thoughts are on the election at this point in time with regards to who you would like to see end up in government. Where are you leaning towards? I have therefore added a new poll to my sidebar which asks the question:

"Who would you like to see in government after the General Election?"

I have included the most likely possibilities and what I would say are a few unlikely ones too.

So then, who do you hope to see at the cabinet table when it's all said and done?


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