Thursday, March 22, 2007


UDA project to receive £1m

Have you ever watched that show Dragon's Den where would-be businessmen offer a proposal to a group of investors in the hope of netting significant funding?

Well I think I'm going to try out for the show with my great idea.

You see, I'm going to set up a group affiliated with a bunch of drug-dealing, terrorist murderers and earn money on the condition that I get them to move away from their criminal ways.

Hey, what do you mean that won't work? It's worked for the Ulster Political Research Group!

Money well spent?

Today was a day that £1bn was pledged to the North's parties on the condition that the devolved assembly is restored, £400m of which will come from the Republic. However it seems this paramilitary pay-off was designed to slip quietly under the radar.

Frankie Gallagher of the UPRG laughably said "the community is the paramilitary organisation... they (the UDA) are an integral part of the community". He added:

"The money is not going to the UDA, it is not going to UDA personnel or into their coffers.

"It is going to a legitimate organisation which has existed for some 20 years and which has been at the forefront of peace-building in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland.

"We have to face up to a new reality in Northern Ireland. We have to make peace by talking to our enemies that we don't like talking to - you do not make peace by talking to your friends."

What a load of baloney. It's a shame to see the British government giving in to this kind of blackmail.

"Here you go gents. Give up that nasty business of killing people and we'll give you all a nice pay package. Buy all the drugs and prostitutes that you want!"

Talk about doing a deal with the devil...


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