Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Rejectionists going the way of the dodo

By now you're probably all aware of the decision by the DUP's Jim Allister (pictured left) to resign from the DUP effective immediately.

Allister claimed he could not "in conscience" accept going into government with Sinn Féin, even though that is what the majority of the people in NI really want.

At his press conference Allister stated:

"I have fought a protracted battle within the party over recent months against a premature DUP/Sinn Fein government.

"I now have to accept that this battle is lost."

He is right. The battle is lost. And that is a good thing. People like Jim Allister, Bob McCartney as well as certain bloggers need to realise that this is the only way forward. Jim Allister is not some man of integrity "fighting the good fight".

On the contrary, he is a remnant of a bygone age. He has been left behind by the changing times and he and his ilk now have to face up to extinction due to their inability to adapt to the modern climate.

Much like the foolish dodo waddled out before humans thus exposing itself to the threat of extinction, similarly Jim Allister waddled out for his press conference sending a once promising career into total oblivion.

Jim AllisterBird-brain
The very same

Recent developments in the North are the result of one thing, one thing which I have discussed often here on United Irelander - evolution.

Ian Paisley is not a man I have any time for but at least he finally had the foresight and wisdom to understand that it was a simple choice of evolve or perish. He chose the former and as a result he will be able to exercise power, for the time being at least.

Allister meanwhile will go the way of Bob McCartney - a lone voice crying out in an uncaring world. Much like how the last dodo must have felt as evolution left it behind!

Rejectionist unionists have been at this kind of thing for years. They rejected nationalist symbols like the tricolour in the North before eventually having to accept it. They rejected forging ties with the south of the island before eventually having to accept it. They rejected the Anglo-Irish agreement before eventually having to accept it. They rejected the Good Friday Agreement before eventually having to accept it. Now, not only do they accept the south's relationship with the North, but they also accept our money with Ian Paisley recently asking the Taoiseach for more funds!

What does this symbolise? Evolution! Adapt and accept it or get left behind.

This evolution is a process that has been ongoing for decades and it will continue without question. Of course rejectionists will be there to oppose all manner of proposals in the future. And, inevitably, there will come a time when the reunification of Ireland is at hand and, yes, they will reject that too.

But you know what? It will happen. Why? Because most people in the North are not like the Jim Allisters and Bob McCartneys of this world. Most people are not dodos like those men are.

The evolution of politics on this island will continue apace as it cannot be halted, merely delayed. Rejectionist unionists can pout and whine and stir up a fuss but in the end, one way or another, they will join the rest of us in witnessing a new age in Irish politics. They can kick and scream and act like spoilt children all they want, but the majority of people in this island are grown-ups and the tantrums will never succeed. Hell, just look at the North today and you'll see that.

The simple truth is that in the not too distant future, people will learn about rejectionist unionism in the same way they learn about creatures like the dodo - via the history books.


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