Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Ireland the fourth most successful state?

Ireland continues to do wellI was very interested to learn, courtesy of Tom over at The Green Ribbon, that Ireland has come in fourth from bottom in the Failed State Index 2006.

Yes, while the top four failed states were found to be Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast and Iraq, in contrast the four states on the bottom who were found to be the most successful were Norway, Sweden, Finland and Ireland!

The Index focuses on twelve indicators ranging from economics to demographics to security to external actors.

While Ireland ranked in fourth best at 143 out of 146, other notable State rankings include the United Kingdom at 130 and the USA at 128.

These Index results are yet another feather in the cap for the Irish State and hopefully the success of the Republic will be observed by our friends up north who could potentially share in our wealth and prosperity depending on the choices they make in the future.


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