Friday, May 26, 2006


Slugger lives!

Earlier on I thought this Slugger site was some sort of parody of the proper Slugger site but it seems the boys at Slugger are having some technical problems on their real site here.

According to Mick Fealty:

"For all our awards and multiple expressions of goodwill, we cannot continue our high levels of service without backing from a serious software player.

"Money is not the issue (though donations always welcome) : service is. There is an opportunity for an ambitous, future curious company to team up with Slugger and not simply get us back to where we were, but to help us push the boundaries of Web 2.0 in Northern Ireland."

I can't say I agree with that. What does the service matter? Surely it's the content of the site that is what's important? I've used Blogger since I started blogging. I have intelligent, articulate and regular readers from all sides of the political divide. I'm getting more hits and comments than ever before and I've secured interviews with such notable figures as the Polish Ambassador Witold Sobkow, Labour Party leader Pat Rabbitte and Senator David Norris as well as a host of other politicians.

Why can't Slugger just stick to Blogger? They can still produce the same excellent content and in Pete Baker they have in my view one of the best bloggers around.

Still, good luck to Slugger in ironing out their problems.


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