Thursday, May 25, 2006


Prima donna minister of Ireland

Yes I DO look fabulous! Here's a story that highlights what a sorry shower we have in power right now.

The Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has been busy defending himself over the money he has spent on make-up to prepare himself for the Dáil's cameras.

Green Party TD John Gormley claimed that Mr Ahern was spending €480 a week on his personal vanity and accused him of decadence.

Mr Ahern countered that it had been the practice of all taoisigh to wear make-up since the televising of Dáil proceedings began in 1990.

Mr Gormley told the Taoiseach:

"Taoiseach, how do you expect the taxpayer, many of whom are lying on trolleys, to pay this exorbitant sum for your vanity?

"It’s extraordinary that you spend more money on make-up than any of the ladies in the Cabinet.

"What sort of priorities do you have when you’re heading around like the Queen of Drumcondra."

"On the 80th anniversary of the founding Fianna Fáil, what would your founder Eamon de Valera say about a Taoiseach who spends hundreds of euro every week on make-up."

He asked if Mr Ahern should be called the L’Oreal Taoiseach 'because he is worth it'." (Ha, nice one!)

I think I forgot my eyeliner

Responding to Mr Gormley, the Taoiseach replied:

"When Deputy Gormley is Taoiseach some day he will find in the Taoiseach’s department that there is a service provided by two people, two days a week.

"They’re paid the Siptu rates for the job. I don’t think that they should be fired to satisfy you."
(Aw Bertie, you hero you)

"I understand that when you go to RTE, that you carefully go to the make-up room. You have never been known not to use make-up."

Mr Gormley asked if it was too much trouble to apply the make-up himself.

Gormley added: "The sum of €480 a week is extraordinary when we have people on trolleys. It amounts to nothing more than decadence."

First of all let me say that I'm pleased to see the politicians of this country tackling the issues that matter. Kudos! My faith in Irish politicians has been restored!

In all seriousness though, this is a ridiculous amount of money being spent on make-up by the Taoiseach. He doesn't seem to be a Taoiseach that spends much time in the Dáil anyway.

How many more hospital beds could have been provided for with this money? Guess it's more important for Bertie to have his nose powdered.

Sums up this Government rather well - all show, no substance.


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