Friday, May 26, 2006


Separated at Birth?

I'ma real person!I'm not crazy i swear!

On the left we have "Jacqui" who we're told is a real person (snigger), whilst on the right we have Jo who is genuinely a real person...I think.

Separated at birth? Sure looks like it! Is it just me or does this seem to be the same person but with a different hair colour?

Apparently not though because on "Jacqui's" site, on this thread, "Jacqui" states:

"Some people thought I was Jo with dyed hair." - 4:40am

Um, maybe because they have sense? And eyes? Jo on the thread in question then has a conversation with "Jacqui" and if you observe the comments from "Jacqui" it's easy to see that it is really Jo:

"This is the flirt page I think lol"

Sure Jo, I mean er "Jacqui"!

The poor girl is talking to herself and some of her naive readers have been taken in by this sad charade that "Jacqui" is actually a real person.

The sensible readers here on United Irelander concluded a long time ago that Jo was a loon and that she was pulling the wool over other people's eyes.

It's a shame that some people are so naive to have gone and fallen for Psych-Jo's little games.

Separated at birth? No. Jo is Jacqui!


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